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Main Screen
The Main Screen is the first full screen that appears when the program is opened.  The Selection Menu within the center of this screen provides quick access to various program screens.  These records can be presented in entry view or grid view.


Species Screen
The Species Screen will store all the species you wish to work with as well as their associated color mutations and show standards. The stored species and their associated information are available to all the other screen of the program.

●  Create new species records. Edit existing or default species records. Import species files from other users.

●  Set the incubation, banding and fledging period for each species. These time periods work with the Egg Status Screen and the Breeding Screen to inform you of upcoming nest events.

Genetics Prediction
The Genetic Prediction Screen will compute and display the probable color mutations for the offspring of a given breeding pair. You can run a genetic computation by calling-up birds from your Flock Records or by creating a combination of color mutations for each parent.

Breeding Records Screen
The Breeding Records Screen is used to set-up breedings and track the status of eggs. This screen also provides an open breeding option.

  Easily add a new round at the click of a button. Upon adding a new round, you are provided with the option to forward all hatchlings to the offspring records and/or archive, delete or do nothing with the existing breeding record.

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