Bird Tracker Version 2.9 includes the following:

  • Screens to track birds, breeding results, and offspring
  • A screen to track the incubation of eggs
  • A screen to track offspring feedings and weight
  • A Species screen that is fully integrated with other screens in the program and preloaded with the genetics for 87 species
  • A Boarding/Breeding Loaner Screen
  • A Genetics Prediction screen that will predict the possible genetics for the offspring of a breeding pair
  • A Breeding Assistant screen that displays a selected bird's lineage and lists potential mates meeting your entered parameters
  • Invoice, Expenditure and Account screens
  • A Products and Services screen that is integrated with the Invoice and Expenditures Screens
  • A screen to take orders from customers
  • Barcode scanning of products onto the Invoice Screen
  • A screen to track show results for each bird
  • A screen for Contacts, Reference Material and Internet Sites
  • A screen to track routine tasks
  • A Calendar Screen
  • Mailing Labels can be printed from the Contacts screen
  • A Document creation screen with a self contained mail merge capability.
  • A Project creation and results tracking screen for tracking the results of a study on birds in the Flock records
  • An Ailment Screen to assist in identifying and treating avian diseases and problems.
  • Add unlimited photos to Flock and Offspring screens
  • Add business logo to Invoice Reports
  • Numerous reports, including Hatch Certificates with photos
  • Ability to create your own reports
  • Logbook
  • Archives
  • Functions for adding bird pedigree and examination records
  • Functions for tracking fostered eggs, hatch date, banding date and fledging date
  • Functions for tracking breeding lines
  • Group e-mailing function
  • Function to export to MS Excel or MS Word
  • Extensive Help Topic
  • Utilities to Backup and Restore program database and associated files
  • Network ready