User Feedback

Bird Tracker has worked great for keeping our files in order. It works great for tracking our breeding pairs. Very User Friendly. Al is great to work with and very helpful. The "Examinations" and "Blood Work" sections work excellent for keeping all of the birds medical files just a "click" away. There isn't a feature in this program that we do not like!

Michelle Goodman
ARC Manager
Kaytee Products, Inc.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your program.  It has helped me keep track of things as simple as vet visit reminders, to which baby belongs to who.  I purchased your program a little over a year ago, and when I have questions, all I have to do is ask, and you contact me the next day with suggestions or answers.  It is greatly appreciated!  When my computer had troubles and was down for about a week, I panicked-everything about my aviary is on Bird Tracker-and I couldn't access it but to computer problems-I was so lost.  After restoring bird tracker, it didn't load correctly. I emailed Al immediately, and got a response in less that 24 hours-I reinstalled Bird Tracker, and have been up and running ever since. It's a very easy program to maneuver thru, and I have recommended it to all my bird buddies. Thanks for such a great product for us bird people-keep up the good work!

Kristi Fore
Margaritaville Aviary
Altavista, Virginia

As a long time user, I appreciate the constant improvements and increases in capability of Bird Tracker. I especially appreciate your rapid replies and assistance to work out the problems I encounter with the software. 

I have ended up the one responsible for establishing and maintain the records of Cynthia's efforts with the birds.  It turns out that BT provides the capability to keep the business running smoothing, helps with tracking of the generations and genes, and additionally keeps the inspectors, regulators, and tax folks satisfied.  BT is a great program for managing both the flock and the business.

Cynthia and Tom VanWormer
Toot 'n Tweet
Monument CO

I am completely satisfied with Bird Tracker's ability to not only track flock records but as well breeding records, offspring sales and many other very good things that can be done.  I am a satisfied customer and look forward to all updates.

Allan Godin
President-Canadian Gloster Club